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Your Right to Travel

Right to TravelYour right to travel in the United States has been a major point since the foundation of the country. The Articles of Confederation served as the first draft to the Constitution and was superseded when the final one was completed in 1789 and the federal government was formed. Allowing the freedom of movement between states was important since each state would be allowed to govern over their citizens. The founders of the country wanted to make sure that states wouldn’t impose limits or make it difficult to travel or move from one state to another.

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6 Kids

6 Kids Custom License PlateEveryone has seen custom license plates before. Some make sense. Others don’t. As I was driving home one day, I saw this one custom license plate that said “6 Kids”. It made me think for a moment. Why would anyone get a license plate which says that? Why would you want the world to know you have six children?

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