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Money: A Convenient Excuse for Human Evil

It stupefies my tiny human brain when I contemplate the formidable power of a few wrinkled pieces of funny-smelling, dry green paper. It may sound naively obtuse to all of the worldly, complacent materialists out there, but ever since I was a little kid I thought it was funny that pieces of paper should hold so much sway over a person’s very existence. I found it very curious, and I still do.

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Ruling of Money

It rules everything you do. Plain and simple, money is NOT the root of all evil, it just provides fuel for what version evil you want to play with.

Answer me this: Would you work if you didn’t get paid? No, of course not. Greed is good. It makes us want to work harder, to get that car, that house, that lovely retirement fund. Yes folks, money is what makes you get up in the morning, and go to work. We would all lead boring plain lives without the want for money.

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