Marijuana – Casualty of a Failed War

MarijuanaThe war on drugs started with saying that marijuana is a gateway drug leading to the use of more dangerous ones. It’s popular recreational use over other drugs hasn’t helped it’s reputation either. However, by targeting the substance, are we ignoring the possible benefits we can gain from using it medically? Recreational use shouldn’t be overlooked because we allow other more dangerous substances like alcohol and cigarettes.

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Global Climate Change – The Human Legacy

CO2 LevelsGlobal climate change is one of the most highly debated topics in recent times. Both sides make arguments to counter whether or not humans are the cause of Earth’s changes. Humans have previously caused changes to environments on the Earth like building dams, destroying forests, and over fishing areas. These changes are usually localized and don’t affect people globally.

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Religious Freedom and the Freedom From It

Religious FreedomReligious freedom is one of the most important issues in America. Many people believe America was founded solely on Christian values, but in reality, it included people of other religions or even people with no religious beliefs. Over the centuries Christianity has largely influenced laws in the country. Initially it would be viewed as a good thing, but when other people’s freedoms are limited by these laws then that’s when they have gone too far.
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Sovereign Citizens Civil Disobedience

Sovereign Citizens MovementNonviolent civil disobedience was historically used by people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr to successfully bring important rights and freedoms to people who were not fortunate enough to have them. While civil disobedience can be necessary, there are some who would use it to just cause problems for their own enjoyment and with no real benefit to society. Some of these people, who refer to themselves as sovereign citizens, seem intent on believing that laws  don’t apply to them and that at every opportunity they must make it known and make things difficult for stupid reasons.

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MLMs – A Stupid Way to Ruin Relationships

MLM LayoutMulti-level marketing (MLMs), pyramid selling, and social selling companies have convinced people to sell their products since the 1920s. Depending on which company you go with, you could be selling household items, makeup, or even fashion accessories. That is you will after purchasing a starter/presenters kit from them. You’ll be encouraged to reach out to everyone you know or knew, just to make a sale or bring them in as associates too.

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Unpredictable Psychics

Psychic ReadingAmazingly, in the 21st century, there is a surprisingly large amount of people who believe there are others who posses psychic abilities. It has never been proven that humans can have any type of psychic ability and psychics who have stepped up to prove their abilities was faking it and simply using tricks.

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Student Loans – Decades of Debt

Student Loan Repayment
Average $27,000 student loan @ 3.9% repayment plan with average $52,000 per year US household income.

Student loans are a very common way to help pay for college. Most students will apply for grants and scholarships, but even if they get them, they’ll have to supplement the rest of tuition with student loans.  They’ll be getting a loan that will help with getting their college degree, which will land them a great job, then they can repay their loan and begin their great independent life.  Sadly this is not what normally happens.

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The Tax Man Cometh, The Tax Preparers Taketh

H&R Block - Tax PreparerImagine a world where you wouldn’t have to file taxes through the mail or online tax programs. A world where the IRS would simply send you a refund check or a bill for taxes owed. Granted, this would only apply to Americans, and that the IRS actually tried to begin a simple filing program, but failed.

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