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Unintelligent Design

Intelligent DesignIntelligent design is part of creationism which is a counter argument to evolution. Its belief is that we were designed and created by a god-like being in our present form including all plants and animals and states that species cannot become other species.  Many feel that this different opinion should be taught in schools so that students hear both sides of the argument. Currently it shouldn’t because right now it’s more like “Unintelligent Design” since it has no concrete facts for it and many facts against it.

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Global Climate Change – The Human Legacy

CO2 LevelsGlobal climate change is one of the most highly debated topics in recent times. Both sides make arguments to counter whether or not humans are the cause of Earth’s changes. Humans have previously caused changes to environments on the Earth like building dams, destroying forests, and over fishing areas. These changes are usually localized and don’t affect people globally.

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