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Unintelligent Design

Intelligent DesignIntelligent design is part of creationism which is a counter argument to evolution. Its belief is that we were designed and created by a god-like being in our present form including all plants and animals and states that species cannot become other species.  Many feel that this different opinion should be taught in schools so that students hear both sides of the argument. Currently it shouldn’t because right now it’s more like “Unintelligent Design” since it has no concrete facts for it and many facts against it.

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Religious Freedom and the Freedom From It

Religious FreedomReligious freedom is one of the most important issues in America. Many people believe America was founded solely on Christian values, but in reality, it included people of other religions or even people with no religious beliefs. Over the centuries Christianity has largely influenced laws in the country. Initially it would be viewed as a good thing, but when other people’s freedoms are limited by these laws then that’s when they have gone too far.
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End of the World Predictions

End of the world prediction
One of many false predictions about the end of the world.

According to a lot of doomsday sayers,  we should have experienced the end of the world or an apocalypse dozens of times so far.  Well it hasn’t happened yet, no matter how many sources they provided to prove them right. Their facts are normally based on an omnipotent being directly communicating with them or they have deciphered the date from a book over 2,000 years old.

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