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#StopTrump vs #NeverHillary – Unfit Presidential Candidates

Unfit Presidential CandidatesIt seems that America’s election comes to a conclusion tomorrow with two of the most unfit presidential candidates in history. We’re left to reflect on what the hell went wrong; how did we end up with Hillary and Trump as the two main party candidates to choose from? Both of them are hardly worthy of being POTUS¬†due to their faults and scandals; however, both have a very dedicated fan base and the country is dichotimized. Even though both candidates are liars and cheaters, they are different in small ways.

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TSA – Terrible Security Agency

TSAEveryone knows that if you want to travel by airplane post 9/11 you’re going to have to go through airport security, which means dealing with the TSA. They are tasked with protecting aircrafts and keeping the skies safe. This sounds terrific until it’s pointed out they are ineffective and a major inconvenience.

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Marijuana – Casualty of a Failed War

MarijuanaThe war on drugs started with saying that marijuana is a gateway drug leading to the use of more dangerous ones. It’s popular recreational use over other drugs¬†hasn’t helped it’s reputation either. However, by targeting the substance, are we ignoring the possible benefits we can gain from using it medically? Recreational use shouldn’t be overlooked because we allow other more dangerous substances like alcohol and cigarettes.

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The Tax Man Cometh, The Tax Preparers Taketh

H&R Block - Tax PreparerImagine a world where you wouldn’t have to file taxes through the mail or online tax programs. A world where the IRS would simply send you a refund check or a bill for taxes owed. Granted, this would only apply to Americans, and that the IRS actually tried to begin a simple filing program, but failed.

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