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Middle Class vs Corporate Greed

Wage GapCorporate greed has been killing the middle class for decades. Executives have been rewarding themselves with yearly million dollar plus bonuses while the true workers usually don’t see anything. Corporations have the desire to maximize their profits which they tend to pass on as a cost to their employees by reducing or simply eliminating benefits. Sometimes companies will move their operations overseas and pay pennies per hour to foreign workers just to squeeze out every dollar.

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MLMs – A Stupid Way to Ruin Relationships

MLM LayoutMulti-level marketing (MLMs), pyramid selling, and social selling companies have convinced people to sell their products since the 1920s. Depending on which company you go with, you could be selling household items, makeup, or even fashion accessories. That is you will after purchasing a starter/presenters kit from them. You’ll be encouraged to reach out to everyone you know or knew, just to make a sale or bring them in as associates too.

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The Tax Man Cometh, The Tax Preparers Taketh

H&R Block - Tax PreparerImagine a world where you wouldn’t have to file taxes through the mail or online tax programs. A world where the IRS would simply send you a refund check or a bill for taxes owed. Granted, this would only apply to Americans, and that the IRS actually tried to begin a simple filing program, but failed.

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Cable Boxes – The Provided Choice

Comcast Cable Box
One of many cable boxes Comcast charges for

If you wanted to watch Netflix what would you use? A computer? A phone? A Tablet, Xbox, PlayStation, or Roku? There are a lot of options to choose from for just watching one service. What about if you wanted to watch cable TV? Well you would just use your cable box that the cable company gives you and charges you monthly for. This adds up to over $230 per year, and if you have multiple TVs prepare to pay for multiple boxes.

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Internet Data Caps

Comcast Data Cap
Average household data usage for online movies and games.

A lot of internet providers around the world love to have data cap limits on your internet. If you want to go over some will charge you per GB or even TB (if you are reading this from a time period where TB is the new standard).

It makes sense though, right? I mean just like when you use more electricity, natural gas, or water you should pay more. More usage = more costs?

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