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Vaccines – Illogically Demonized

VaccinesVaccines are one of the biggest benefits we gained in life enhancements since the early 1900’s. Current vaccines are estimated to save about 2.5 million lives per year. Even while saving lives and ensuring a higher quality life, vaccines have not been exempt from having backlash against them.

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Chemtrails – Just Plane Wrong

ChemtrailsChemtrails are unknown chemicals being sprayed by airplanes high up in the atmosphere that resemble contrails but usually take longer to dissipate. Theories as to what the chemicals are used for range from weather control to human mind manipulation. What the true purpose may be no one will know, simply because of the fact they are just contrails from planes, and some stick around for a while.

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Global Climate Change – The Human Legacy

CO2 LevelsGlobal climate change is one of the most highly debated topics in recent times. Both sides make arguments to counter whether or not humans are the cause of Earth’s changes. Humans have previously caused changes to environments on the Earth like building dams, destroying forests, and over fishing areas. These changes are usually localized and don’t affect people globally.

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