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Your Right to Travel

Right to TravelYour right to travel in the United States has been a major point since the foundation of the country. The Articles of Confederation served as the first draft to the Constitution and was superseded when the final one was completed in 1789 and the federal government was formed. Allowing the freedom of movement between states was important since each state would be allowed to govern over their citizens. The founders of the country wanted to make sure that states wouldn’t impose limits or make it difficult to travel or move from one state to another.

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Sovereign Citizens Civil Disobedience

Sovereign Citizens MovementNonviolent civil disobedience was historically used by people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr to successfully bring important rights and freedoms to people who were not fortunate enough to have them. While civil disobedience can be necessary, there are some who would use it to just cause problems for their own enjoyment and with no real benefit to society. Some of these people, who refer to themselves as sovereign citizens, seem intent on believing that laws  don’t apply to them and that at every opportunity they must make it known and make things difficult for stupid reasons.

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