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Youtube Playlists

Several YouTube playlists were created on our channel to showcase human stupidity and anti-stupidity based on the topics on this site. We have been watching videos and adding ones we feel are worth watching and are entertaining. While we haven’t created any videos yet, there are plans to potentially create some in the future.

There are also many posts nearly ready to be released. We’re working on finishing them up, having our editor to go through them, and then scheduling them to cover the next few months.


HAS is now on twitter!

Humans Are Stupid now has a twitter feed! This is for quick and short tweets about random stupid things. Some may appear on here in much more detail but most won’t. Some just don’t have enough content to warrant a whole post on the topic, but 160 chars is more then enough 🙂

The twitter feed will also alert anyone to new posts on this site as they happen. Just remember there is plenty of content out there, just not enough time to write about all of it…

Happy New Year!

Well let’s hope for a new year of lots of new stupidity! Just to give an update for those of you anxiously anticipating more content, we have over 30 drafts in the works. This is awesome since we are jotting down first hand accounts and will be able to report extensively on it. We are hoping to release our holiday articles first and have corresponding ones in the future.

Also in the works are articles imported from the old site that still make sense. A lot of those articles were written so stupidly… alas by me.