#StopTrump vs #NeverHillary – Unfit Presidential Candidates

Unfit Presidential CandidatesIt seems that America’s election comes to a conclusion tomorrow with two of the most unfit presidential candidates in history. We’re left to reflect on what the hell went wrong; how did we end up with Hillary and Trump as the two main party candidates to choose from? Both of them are hardly worthy of being POTUS due to their faults and scandals; however, both have a very dedicated fan base and the country is dichotimized. Even though both candidates are liars and cheaters, they are different in small ways.

Hillary has been in politics for over 30 years and while she has some accomplishments, she has also done some deplorable things. From refusing to listen to advice on how to handle sensitive communications to taking large amounts of money as speaking fees from Wall Street. There are even questionable practices with a charitable foundation that bears her name. Despite all the issues surrounding her, Trump is possibly even worse.

Trump started his business ventures when he received a “small” business loan of $14 million from his father. He has been very quick to shaft the small businesses he hires to do work for him and go bankrupt on his businesses that have failed. Along with failures is his need to lie about even the most basic things. He has been known to deny saying things even when  there is video or audio evidence .

The appeal of Trump is that he is not a politician.  I would argue what makes that theory null and void is he’s a corrupt businessman that takes advantage of people and has even ruined some small businesses. Trump’s idea of being smart includes not paying (or paying very little) taxes. While paying limited taxes is the goal of most corporations, this places more of a burden on middle class tax paying citizens.

Hillary claims to want to help the middle class too, but she has endorsed trade agreements that have helped corporations move overseas so that they can pay less for manual labor. While we can’t make everything in America, many of thing things we CAN produce are now made overseas to increase corporate profit margins.

While it seems that voting third party is the answer, our established system makes it impossible for those candidates to win. Possible changes to the way voting works could help add more options to the ballot without a vote being wasted, but that would require an overhaul and the two main parties will not allow that.

The world most certainly won’t end after this election; though there may be many issues America will have to deal with. Trump is not a good businessman; Bill Gates is a good businessman who started his company in a garage. Hillary is not a good politician; Bernie Sanders is a good one who has stayed true to his values and hasn’t changed his position on issues. And while there are some ways to vote their party that wouldn’t be wasted on a swing state, there has to be a better way to vote for third parties without fear of not having your vote count. It’s obvious the current way isn’t working and is just stupid.


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Preventing Mass Shootings

Preventing Mass ShootingsIn the United States, mass shootings have become a common occurrence with them happening almost daily while some days have multiple events. Sadly, only the more tragic ones take the national news with the latest happening in Orlando, FL. Since that event there have been  half a dozen more mass shootings with no hope of them slowing down. Solutions proposed at preventing mass shootings range from allowing less guns to allowing more guns.

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Wage GapCorporate greed has been killing the middle class for decades. Executives have been rewarding themselves with yearly million dollar plus bonuses while the true workers usually don’t see anything. Corporations have the desire to maximize their profits which they tend to pass on as a cost to their employees by reducing or simply eliminating benefits. Sometimes companies will move their operations overseas and pay pennies per hour to foreign workers just to squeeze out every dollar.

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